Save time and engage students in a whole new way

Practicewith for schools is a new student success and communication platform that makes it easier for music teachers to help students learn faster and manage independent practice through videos, feedbacks, progress reports and classwide messaging. Teachers can easily create practice tasks and view real time practice reports of all students in a few clicks so no more hassle or excuses! 

What teachers are saying

“Getting the student data from Practicewith has transformed our grading process and made it easier. Student engagement has greatly improved and the embedding videos feature for my flipped classroom model has impacted student learning in a positive way. This app has saved me a lot of time by helping me manage student practice data”

Elementary School Music Teacher Keith Hunter, Palo Alto School District Elementary Music

“We have seen significantly more student engagement with Practicewith than previous years. Students like using the app to auto report practices and the oversight that comes with it”

Middle School Band Director Greg Miller, Palo Alto, CA

Student and Music Teacher Focused

Practice Tasks

Create and assign practice. Show exactly what they need do at home

Embed Video

Add instructional videos from YouTube or Vimeo


Give quick individual or group feedback


Send messages to your whole class and answer student questions. No phone numbers needed!

Real Time Progress

Teachers and students see their real time practice data

Teacher Benefits

Student & Family Engagement

Improve engagement & motivation

Personalized Learning

App reinforces flipped classroom model

Auto Practice Data Collection

Instant practice reports automatically available for review. Allows easier assessment and student management

Save Time

Easily create and save practice assignments for multiple classes. No more paper practice slips to manage


Multi platform web and mobile technology. Enables greater flexibility in teaching methods


Personalized attention even for groups

All Major platforms supported


Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks, Netbooks, Mobile devices


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